Planning, Improvement and Expansion of GAMA-Wide Sanitation Services

Planning, Improvement, and Expansion of GAMA-wide Environmental Sanitation Services

Planning, improvement, and expansion of GAMA-wide environmental sanitation services. The objective of this component was to develop integrated GAMA-wide plans for liquid and solid waste management and drainage, and to finance critical elements to improve collection, treatment and disposal of wastewater and septic sludge. The treatment facilities were sized to handle existing and newly generated waste flows that end up untreated in drains, or directly discharged into the sea. Investments supported by this component included.
i. large septic treatment plants being planned for the GAMA, as well as small treatment plants at the community level, where no other options are available; rehabilitation of dysfunctional local sewerage and wastewater treatment system identified as priorities under the liquid waste master plan; and
ii. assessment of greenhouse gas capturing potential for wastewater and septic treatment plants and solid wastes landfills, with a view to obtaining climate change funds to support the operation and maintenance costs.


GAMA Sanitation and Water Project Brief

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