Provision of Environmental Sanitation and Water Supply

The Provision of Environmental Sanitation and Water Supply Services to priority low-income areas of the GAMA

The objective of this component is to increase the access to environmental sanitation and water supply services in low-income areas of the GAMA with a strong focus on liquid sanitation.

This component also includes the development and implementation of a hygiene and sanitation behavior change campaign targeted at low-income households, and a major learning and dissemination effort aimed at informing a large-scale institutionalized approach to upgrading sanitation in low-income communities.


The MMAs proposed priority low income communities to benefit from the project based on an agreed selection criteria including population density, environmental health conditions, and degree of access to alternative sanitation and water services. The type and level of sanitation facilities, services and water supply was identified and agreed with each community through a participatory process.

  GAMA Sanitation and Water Project Brief

Other Components

Improvement of Water Distribution
Expansion of GAMA-Wide Sanitation Services
Institutional Strengthening