Public Disclosure Notice 2

Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources
 Greater Accra Metropolitan Area (GAMA) Sanitation and Water Project
(Additional Financing)
Resettlement Policy Framework (RPF)


The Government of Ghana, acting through the Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources, is implementing the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area (GAMA) Sanitation and Water Project (GAMA SWP) with financing from the World Bank. The project development objective of the GAMA SWP is to increase access to improved sanitation and improved water supply in GAMA with emphasis on low income communities and to strengthen management of environmental sanitation in the GAMA.

The Ghana Government is now seeking Additional Financing (AF) from the World Bank to  complete ongoing sanitation and water services construction and rehabilitation activities.   The AF includes extension of the project to cover all the 25 Metropolitan and Municipal Assemblies in GAMA and geographical extension of the project to cover 8 Metropolitan and Municipal Assemblies in the Greater Kumasi Metropolitan Area (GKMA) in order to replicate the parent GAMA project activities in the Ashanti region of Ghana and to support the preparation for new scale-up national programmatic intervention.

The Additional Financing project has four components. They are:

Component 1 – Provision of Environmental Sanitation Services to priority low income areas in GAMA and GKMA: The objective of this component is to increase access to environmental sanitation services in low-income areas of the GAMA and GKMA, with strong focus on liquid sanitation (excreta disposal).

Component 2: Improvement in Operational Efficiency and expansion of water distribution networks GAMA and GKMA: The objective of this component is to improve and expand the water distribution network in selected GAMA and GKMA communities

Component 3: Planning, improvement and expansion of environmental sanitation services. The component supports planning, improvement and expansion of environmental sanitation services, including through wastewater and septic sludge management investments, and development of planning for integrated sanitation and drainage in GKMA.

Component 4: Project Implementation and institutional strengthening. The component is designed to provide institutional strengthening and technical assistance (TA) to municipal, metropolitan and national institutions, as well as promoting of private sector initiatives including the operation and management of sludge processing.

The Environmental Assessment (EA) for the parent GAMA project is Category A and triggered the World Bank Involuntary Resettlement (BP/OP 4.12). As required, the parent project prepared a Resettlement Policy Framework (RPF) which provided concrete measures to resolve resettlement and compensation issues.

This Additional Financing (AF) project also maintains the same EA category. In addition, like the parent project, the AF trigger Involuntary Resettlement (BP/OP 4.12). The current RPF is an update of the parent GAMA RPF to incorporate the additional interventions under the Additional Financing. The AF project may involve land take and involuntary resettlement and economic displacement. At this time of the AF preparation, locations where subproject interventions will be implemented are unknown in sufficient detail. Therefore, this RPF is prepared as a suitable safeguard document to guide project screening and the preparation and implementation of specific Resettlement Action Plans (RAP) as needed when the exact subproject locations become fully known during implementation.

The RPF outlines the objectives, principles and procedures that  govern the system of land acquisition for development of public infrastructure and clarifies the rules and procedures for identifying people who may be affected by the implementation of the project activities to ensure fair and transparent compensation process. The RPF will apply to all locations of sub-projects/activities to be identified under the AF.

The World Bank Policy requires that the RPF is disclosed to the public during project preparation. This public disclosure notice serves to inform all stakeholders and members of the public that copies of the RPF can be accessed from the website of the Ministry and the GAMA Project on the link below:

Hard copies of the RPF can be accessed at the underlisted offices/locations:


All the Metropolitan and Municipal Assemblies in GAMA

EPA Head Office, Accra

Lands Commission of the Ministry of Lands and Forestry, Accra


Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly, Kumasi

Asokwa Municipal Assembly, Asokwa-Kumasi

Oforikrom Municipal Assembly, Oforikrom-Kumasi

Ejisu Municipal Assembly, Ejisu

Asokore Mampong Municipal Assembly, Asokore Mampong

Kwadaso Municipal Assembly, Kwadaso-Kumasi

Suame Municipal Assembly, Suame-Kumasi

Old Tafo Municipal Assembly, Old Tafo-Kumasi